The Boulevard - North Vancouver

Info: Grand Boulevard dates back to 1906 when a real estate developer created a 12 block long park to be surrounded by luxury homes. Almost from the beginning there were streetcar tracks running up the centre. The Lynn Valley Streetcar passed along here on its way to and from the ferry wharf at the foot of Lonsdale. It stopped at 15th and Grand Boulevard to take on and let of passengers. When North Vancouver's streetcar service ended in 1947 the tracks were removed, a footpath has replaced the tracks.
Schools: Brooksbank Elementary 980 East 13th Street North Vancouver BC V7L 2N2 Phone: 604.903.3280 Queensbury Elementary 2020 Moody Avenue North Vancouver BC V7L 3V3 Phone: 604.903.3730 Sutherland Secondary 1860 Sutherland Avenue North Vancouver BC V7L 4C2 Phone: 604.903.3500 Recreation: Grand Boulevard A large park covering 6 blocks from South to North between Queensbury Avenue & Grand Blvd., starting at E. Keith Road and ending on 19th street. Every Canada Day (July 1st) this is the starting point for the North Vancouver Canada Day Parade. Loutet Park Loutet Farm, a sustainable social enterprise that facilitates social, environmental, economic and educational benefits for the community is the first step in building a plant to plate local food system on the North Shore. Founded as a unique partnership between the North Shore Neighbourhood House, the City of North Vancouver and the University of British Columbia, Loutet Farm is an exciting project designed for local folks to become involved in and better understand food production and to have greater access to locally grown produce. Employing underutilized public parkland provided by the City of North Vancouver, Loutet Farm operates as an economically viable urban farm within a residential area. Funds generated through the sale of the produce will be directed back into the operations of the farm while creating valuable green-collar jobs for north shore residents. In addition, the farm will offer a range of courses centered on sustainable food production for both adults and children and will engage the local community in farm activities. Loutet Farm will provide a year-round harvest of locally grown produce with a commitment to:
  • Creating social spaces for people to work and gather.
  • Integrating professional organic farming with innovative and sustainable practices including alternative energy.
  • Providing over 1,500 school aged children living in urban environments a hands-on farm experience.
  • Providing educational opportunities for up to 5,000 learners of all ages, cultures and sectors.
  • Encouraging physical activity and the role of healthy foods.
  • Becoming financially sustainable within five years.
For more information & seasonal market dates & times visit: Community: Hendry hall Built in 1942 as an Air Raid Precautionary Post, The Hendry Hall originally cost $800,000. Hendry Street had earlier been named after one of the officers of a lumber company established in North Vancouver at the turn of the century. The hall was remodeled at the end of the Second World War to be more suitable for community use. From 1945, Hendry Hall was utilized by the Boy Scouts, the Rod and Gun Club and other community groups, but it was not until 1972 that the North Vancouver Community Players (NVCP) adopted it as their performance home. Since then, the hall has had many upgrades. NVCP is proud to now be the sole tenant of Hendry Hall which is owned by the District of North Vancouver. Fun Fact - this is where Laura Clarke made her theatre debut!