Calverhall - North Vancouver

Info: Calverhall was built in the post war era and started with bungalows perched upon a grade affording views of Burrard Inlet to the east and south. The area is home to Park & Tilford shopping centre which has a large grocery store, movie theatre, many restaurants, shops as well as the beautiful Park & Tilford gardens.
You may see a celebrity or two around this neighbourhood as it is home to the North Shore Studios where many Hollywood films and television series are filmed. Many homes in this area have views to the South East of Burrard Inlet, Vancouver and Burnaby. Although there is some new construction, most of the homes in this area are original or renovated bungalows, many with backyard lane access. Many of the streets are cul-de-sacs offering a safe place for kids to play street hockey! Restraurants: White Spot Team Clarke Favourite: Spot's Zoo Sticks & the Double Double Burger Platter with a side of pickles Flying Wedge Pizza Team Clarke Favourite: The Wedge Deluxe