Forest Hills - North Vancouver

Info: Forest Hills is located to the North and slightly East of Edgemont Village, with many short, flat “street hockey” streets heading East and West off of the main street Highlands Boulevard which has a gentle slope up the hill. This entirely residential neighbourhood has some of the most sought after and expensive real estate in North Vancouver. Since there is no more land, buyers and builders buy older homes and tear them down in order to build gorgeous new homes that are often over 5,000 square feet on 3 levels. As with many areas in North Vancouver, here you will find a mix of old and young in both homes and people which makes for a lively, healthy neighbourhood. On the far East side of Forest Hills homes border Mosquito Creek Park and Trail which also borders Upper Delbrook on the other side. Forest Hills is considered “walking distance to the village”, though it’s a lot easier to walk down to the village for a coffee than up home with a bag of groceries!